Democratizing Education, Amplifying Peace.

Empowering independence
for the visually impaired.

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Democratizing Education, Amplifying Peace.

Breaking barriers to create
a more inclusive world for everyone.

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Democratizing Education, Amplifying Peace.

Bringing Stories to Life
for the Visually Impaired.

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Unlocking Imagination with Every Play

Welcome to AudioCane

Voices for Vision: Audiobooks for the Unsighted.

Audiocane crafts a brighter future by bringing stories to life for the visually impaired. Through audiobooks, we aim to bridge the learning gap for blind students in Bangladesh.

  • Primary and secondary education

    We hold an online audio archive of all primary and secondary education books.

  • Tertiary education

    Partnering with student organizations at the University of Dhaka and the University of Rajshahi AudioCane provides on-demand education materials in audio format to visually impaired students.

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We Help

We extend a helping hand to vision-impaired students seeking assistance.

We Educate

We empower visually impaired students through educational audiobooks and resources.

We Build

We foster a supportive community for students to thrive together.

We Nourish

The minds and spirits of our students with enriching content and support.

Question & Answers

Turning pages into pathways for the blind.

Who is behind?

AudioCane is the brainchild of Abraar Abdullah Arpon. It is led by co-founder Imti Islam Paul along with enthusiastic high-school students of Bangladesh.

Who are the volunteers?

AudioCane Volunteers are mostly highschool students from different districts of Bangladesh. 70% of AudioCane Volunteers are female.

How are the books distributed?

AudioCane website works as the hub to connect the Community working to make life easy for blind students. You can access our books by becoming a patron.

Our Collections

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We have a wide selection of Audiobooks from Primary to College education for the patrons

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a better life and future

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