Imti Islam Paul

Country Coordinator

AudioCane transcends mere text-to-speech conversion; it unlocks stories for the visually impaired, making education and tales accessible. Witnessing their transformative joy has been heartwarming. As Co-founder, I envision a world where inclusivity is a fundamental right, not an afterthought.

Abir Mirza

Project Lead

During my tenure at the Physical Development Foundation, I observed the profound hurdles disabled individuals encounter. Collaborating with the Abrahams Foundation deepened my understanding of their educational battles. Now, leading at AudioCane, I'm committed to transforming accessibility, weaving dreams with audiobooks.

Chris Rozario


I am Chris Matheus Rozario, a senior at Notre Dame College. I create a symphony of stories with my voice, painting amazing landscapes of imagination and unleashing each child's limitless potential, and AudioCane is the perfect place for this.

Fathin Mottahib


Every day I spend here, I am reminded of the strength and beauty of the human spirit.

Woafa Nahin Sinha


Classic literature was like a gateway to a whole new world for me, and I want to hold the door open for others too.

Fariha Binte Islam


It's not about how much time you can give but the love and energy you put into every second

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